In January 2015 Nikki and Emma met at a positive parenting ADHD course. They had both struggled to find any support for parents with children with ADHD, ASD & Special needs in the local area, so they set up the Time Out Support Group.

Kerrie, the owner of The Ship Inn pub in Farnborough kindly allowed the support group to be held in a reserved section of her pub once a month. Between Nikki and Emma word of the support group quickly spread via schools and other professionals. The Facebook group that was set up as part of the support group grew to over 150 people within 1 year and there were regularly new people attending the monthly meet up. After a few months Helen was given the details of the support group - Helen's and Nikki's sons both went to the same school.  Helen became more and more involved with the support group forming the trio in 2016.

In October 2016 parents started reporting issues with Community Paediatric Department at Frimley Park Hospital due to the contract for the service being managed by a new provider. In November 2016 Nikki contacted the hospital on behalf of the support group to find out why parents were experiencing issues with the service. As part of this work, we realised that there was a huge need for an information network, this would be particularly helpful for our local area  as we were on the borders of Surrey and Hampshire and this increases the complexity of accessing services.

So BRAAIN (Be Ready ADHD ASD Information Network) was formed. Over the next few months we had various meetings in Nikki's front room or the local pub and we slowly started building up a voluntary organisation. We had the backing of a local councillor and the backing of the Rushmoor Voluntary Service.  We are extremely grateful for the help they gave us to start up.  

We are parents of ASD and ADHD children, we understand the challenges parents and children face - We really hope that BRAAIN makes a difference to families!

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